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Pachinko Angel

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Pachinko Angel (2012) sinopsis Nanami, who enjoyed pachinko when she was a child, wants to start a new life by washing her hands and going to the company faithfully. However, he still can not remove his hand from Pachinko and pachinko every night, earns a lot of money and has the nickname “explosive angel”. On the other hand, he is dreaming of a happier future with his elite temple Yoshio whom he met at the company. But when Tamao, who once played with Pachinko, showed up and told him that he owed a lot of money to Yachaki, who told him that he was teaching him how to play pachinko, he started to play pachinko to pay him back with him. Then, Yoshio finds out that he is one of the fraudulent parties and takes on the debt of Tamao and makes a bout with Todo, a gangster’s party.

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